When I posted this little humorous description of the reasons for my interest in pre-war trains on a forum for model train buffs, I was surprised that some people took offense, thinking I was injecting politics into a hobby forum. Nothing could have been further from my mind - and in fact I consciously tried not to indicate anything about my own political opinions. The point of the joke is that collecting antique trains is an exercise in nostalgia for an imaginary past where life was simple and good. In fact, the problems that distress the world today are pretty much the same kinds of problems that were around 50 years ago, or 200 years ago, or 2000 years ago. But none the less, we can still suspend disbelief in the "good old days", and reap great enjoyment from our pre-war trains, or our antique tea-cups, or whatever collectible is the focus of our nostalgia. It is part of human nature to do so; even the ancient Greeks had a myth of a "Golden Age", when the world was less corrupt and more beautiful and heroic.