Clover Street Railroad

My Low Rail 4'x8' Lionel Fastrack Layout

Train magazines are filled with "high rail" layouts, that fill whole rooms with realistic, accurately scaled landscapes. By contrast, my "low rail" layout fits on a 4x8 foot table top, and is designed to maximize interaction and play, rather than realism. It was assembled over a weekend using Lionel Fastrack on a cheap artificial grass carpet from Lowes. Accessories are all track-powered. TMCC is included for the engines but not for the switches or accessories.

This layout features inner and outer loops, a (one way) reversing loop, plus a bump-n-go trolley line. All switches and accessories use track power and the engines are TMCC controlled. Because no one makes a TMCC trolley, I installed a rheostat in a Lionel bump-n-go trolley so that it moves slowly at full 18v track voltage. If I had to do over again, I would see if TMCC could be installed in a trolley using a board from The Electric RR Company.

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